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The Best Online Shops In India for 2015

India has been steadily making progress as an economic powerhouse among nations. If statistics ranking nations based on their economies is accurate and true, you would not help yourself but noticed that India ranks as part of the top 10 nations to make of such list. While this statistics may not speak much for every individuals in the country of India, it may imply a thriving economy that is ripe for online business – it is.


As so, e-Commerce thrives in India in as much as it does on the rest of the world. Speaking of e-Commerce, the following are company brands that tops India’s web traffic and popularity:


  1. Jabong

If being trendy and fashionable is your thing and you’re from India, the name of Jabong as an e-Commerce website is a brand that easily comes to mind. Featuring a wide variety of good quality branded products that caters for individuals, Jabong is a source of anything wearables fitted for the young and old, even both sexes. However, what separates Jabong among its competitors in the online business, is not just its broad line-up of products but also its reward system that appeals to buyers online. Other perks to be gotten with an e-Commerce site such as Jabong includes the use of voucher codes for discounts.


  1. Flipkart

For a company who is in the online business for close to 8 years now, you would feel assure on how Flipkart stands as an e-Commerce business. More than just being a longstanding e-Commerce platform, Flipkart prides itself as being one of the leading business of its kind since its humble beginnings whose only employment was two people. This is more than just mere propaganda, however. To date, Flipkart employs 20,000 employees, has 26 million registered users, deliver 5 million shipments per month, 13 advanced warehouses, 8 million page visits daily, and was ranked to be in the top ten among websites in India. Buyers who are loyal to Flipkart takes advantage of its occasional Flipkart promos to get the most of their purchases in it.


  1. HomeShop18

Designed not just to please, but to deliver what pleases to the customers in mind, HomeShop18 is an e-Commerce platform known for its wide array of branded products, both local and international. Boasting an over 1000 of such brands combined, you are surely to find the brand you’re looking for in a particular product if you are to shop at HomeShop18. Common to most e-Commerce websites, HomeShop18 employ coupons when giving out discounts to its customers.


  1. FirstCry

There is a good market for items that are intended for babies and kids which many companies capitalize on. But unlike going to store personally, which not all parents have the luxury of nowadays, platforms such as FirstCry exists as an e-Commerce business to meet the needs for items of babies and kids. With over 90000 unique products coming from known local and international brands, every parent will surely find what the best is for their babies to be delivered at their doorstep.


  1. Myntra

There is a great surprise when Myntra, as a successful e-Commerce platform, shut down its website in favor of its mobile application. But during the heyday while its website was still up, Myntra is a competitor to websites such as Jabong for everything wearables to clients. Similar to other popular e-Commerce websites of its tier, Myntra does not lack in terms of the availability of goods coming from a thousand or so brands available in India.